Friday, February 21, 2014

Where in the World is Point Mugu ?

We left Santa Barbara with hearts filled with joy after spending time with Kathy and Sherman and Grover.  We were looking forward to Point Mugu campground on the ocean .  When we arrived Jim was a little upset because Highway 1 ran right alongside the campground.  He quickly mellowed out when 5 minutes after parking we spotted the water spout of a grey whale.  The campground has about 55-60 sites and they parallel highway 1-if you want to be away from traffic this probably isn’t the campground for you.  We don’t like being near traffic, but the beauty of this place is so distracting and the waves crashing on the beach make you forget all about the traffic.

This is bare basics –no hookups, but does have water and pit toilets.  The view more than makes up for the primitive camping.  We spotted porpoises, pelicans, and dozens of water spouts from whales.  Unfortunately I haven’t learned to keep my camera at the ready and by the time I would run back to Ruby the whale had surfaced and crashed back down into the deep blue sea.  Still a wonderful experience to witness.


The campground host, Susan, was amazing.  She takes great care of her campers and she has set up her own little visitor center.  All on her own, since the budget cutbacks this campground has probably been neglected by the state.  But as long as Susan is there she’s going to make sure her campers don’t suffer from those cutbacks !

Jim flying his "Monarch Butterfly kite "

We camped here for 2 days and it was so relaxing-just what we needed to refresh and recharge.  Add to the fact that we were still enveloped by the “love glow” from Sherman & Kathy-this was another awesome camping experience.

It is very windy here-most of the time-so having a campfire is quite the challenge, but we managed .  We sat out at night with our wine, campfire blazing and a zillion stars twinkling above us-thank you God, thank you Universe, thank you Buddha, thank you family and friends for loving and supporting us in this adventure.

Happy Trails..peace and love.

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