Friday, December 20, 2013

A Compromise between the Fisherman and the Gypsy Soul

Once upon a time there was a handsome fisherman and his wife.  While the fisherman explored the streams his wife would explore her dreams and long for far away places.  At first she loved her little home-and she loved making it feel welcoming and comfortable for her fisherman.  He wasn't away often but when he would leave she would think about what they could do together as a couple-where could they go that they both would love ?  They were growing older and were starting to think about where they might live-they both agreed some place warmer and dryer  than the place they were living now.
They dreamed of a little cottage on the beach in Belize or a beach hut in Costa Rica.  But that dream  took them so far away from their families and they didn't want that.

They knew they wanted to travel and they both loved the outdoors and camping -so somehow they both agreed a camper would be perfect.  They didn't want to spend their life savings on campground fees and fuel so they found a magic carriage - Ruby-their Roadtrek Sprinter Van-that would carry them all over the country and would be so very easy on their pocketbooks. She said-" We'll be on the road for at least 3 years and we can look for the ideal place to live  while on the road".  He said-"Maybe we'll be on the road for a year but we need roots."
Roots ?  Roots?  Our roots would be Ruby-our Sprinter Van-that's why we named her Ruby-as in Red Slippers,as in click your heels 3 times; as in there is no place like home and home is Ruby !  Hmm, fisherman wasn't sure of this-he said okay we'll see, but she could see that he wasn't comfortable with this direction their lives were taking. And as time went by he started thinking they should buy a house-she couldn't see the point of having a house empty for 3 years while they traveled around ( he continued to say 1 year) .  Her gypsy soul was having none of this-she wanted to be free and not have to worry about an empty little nest or be tied to one that they would have to return to frequently to check its status.

She wanted them to go where their wanderlust took them -without any responsibilities more challenging then where to camp for the week.
He was worried-what if she got really sick ?  Like when they both thought she wasn't going to make it out of the hospital until they discovered it was Lyme Disease.  He only wanted her to be safe and comfortable and have a warm snugly place to rest her gypsy soul.  She got him and his concern,  but having that empty house weighed heavily on her. So they talked and talked and he said what about a condo-if it's empty it's less to worry about than a house-hmm,she thought maybe that's doable.  But still paying a mortgage on something that would sit empty didn't make sense so she kept resisting. Until the fisherman said okay we can look for a place on the beach where it's warm and it will be easy to rent while we are traveling. Wahooo her soul soared-on the beach-that was dream she thought she would never realize. Oh wouldn't be Washington or Oregon-too cold, too wet. California too expensive,too crowded. She searched and searched the internet and found IT !

 Cape San Blas, Florida-paradise in a price range that wouldn't drain their savings.  So she watched the houses on Trulia and Zillow and found an agent-Super Agent Kaye Haddock !  And the place she booked as a rental while she went house hunting turned out to be the place they bought -what serendipity.  So now the fisherman has his roots and the gypsy soul has the beach she had been dreaming of her entire life.  2 happy souls off on their adventure of a lifetime.

And when and if  they tire of traveling they are blessed and so grateful for the wonderful place on the beach they can call home.  They had to name the condo -since they were going to rent it while traveling-they decided on -"Bring Back the Magic" as in Jimmy Buffett's song by the same name.  It seemed appropriate since it truly is a magical place.

Our unit is top left

Gorgeous view from our deck-come on down for a cold beer or I'll mix up a batch of Voodoo Juice !