Monday, February 24, 2014

Mission San Juan Capistrano

We were kicking ourselves for not buying the bikes we wanted before we left Seattle.  Especially once we stopped at Doheny Beach.  San Juan Capistrano was only a 3-5 mile bike ride away on a beautiful bike trail.  Oh well, after we checked out of camp and had breakfast  at RJ's we drove to the Mission.

I was at the Mission when I was about 12 years old , many many moons ago.  Jim had never been here and he really enjoyed our visit. The swallows weren't there yet,not until March.  We were fortunate though -we beat 2 busloads of school children into the Mission !  Even with the school children this was such a peaceful and wonderful way to start the day.  These kind of places are always very spiritual for both of us and put us in a very good state of mind.

Enjoy the rest of the Scenes from The Mission at San Juan Capistrano-Happy Trails and peace to all of you.


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