Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Santa Cruz and Seacliff State Beach

We left San Francisco thinking we would head to Half Moon Bay and camp at the state park-we figured it was a Sunday and everyone else would be heading home.  Oops, we forgot it was Martin Luther King Holiday week end, so no room at Half Moon Bay or any of the other state parks or private parks.  No boon docking sites either.

So we headed to Santa Cruz-more specifically Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz.  We met someone back at Wright’s Beach who recommended Seacliff State Park to us.  Note to self-when someone makes a recommendation-make sure you both are on the same page-that you have similar styles, likes and dislikes.  Seacliff is a very pretty park-as parking lots go.  It’s made more for the larger rvs.  There is a small section which you need to book at least 6 months ahead of time for a full hook up and picnic table.  The space between those sites is separated by a patch of grass and a picnic table.  Or if you don’t have reservation then you can camp on the asphalt in the first come first served area.  It’s like camping on the boardwalk-great people watching along with dolphin watching.  And it wasn’t even the busy season-I can’t imagine what summer must be like.  Just not our cup of tea for camping.

 And since we were so close to a town we had our usual police activity right next to us- I swear I couldn’t make these things up. Some guy parked next to us and was sleeping on the beach. 2 police cars showed up, held him for a bit, wrote him a trespassing notice and sent him on his way.  Who needs TV when we have this ?

 It was a good beach for walking and the walk along the beach fence was great-you could walk for about 2 miles.  And they had hot hot showers up at the “elite” end of the campground-$1.25 for 10 minute shower-and I loved it!  But we won’t be returning to Seacliff anytime soon.  Too many people for us.

Lunch in the parking lot,LOL 

The pier that leads out to a sunken concrete ship 

The other great thing about the park was that you could walk up the hill to Sno White drive in.  A little hamburger joint that’s been around since 1957 and served some delicious chocolate dipped ice cream cones!  Of course we had to try them-and they were the best way to end the hike up the hill.

This campground resulted in more people stopping by to check out the Roadtrek-it seemed like every other person stopped to ask about mileage, take a peek inside and talk to us about how to find one. I love it when people discover how wonderful Roadtreks really are.

Since I’m almost 2 weeks behind in with my blog I’ll be posting a great deal over the next 2-3 days to play catch up-hope I don’t overwhelm you.  Just to give you an idea of where we headed from here-Piedras Blancas to see the birthing of thousands of elephant seals; Hearst Castle; San Simeon State Park; Cambria for the best lunch ever; Pismo Beach State Park at Oceano; the Monarch Butterfly Grove at Pismo Beach; Santa Barbara to spend some time with Ruby’s former owners; Point Mugu; Doheny Beach; Silver Strand State Beach just south of the Coronado Hotel in Coronado; Old Town San Diego; Anza Borrego Springs and currently sitting in Palm Springs at a friend’s house catching up on blogging while I wait for a new phone.

That is one of the many challenges about traveling-figuring out how to handle those little emergencies when you need something delivered and your phone company can only deliver to a residential address.  It can be frustrating-but there is always a solution-thank goodness for friends!  Our back up plan was to check into a hotel and have them mail it there since they wouldn't send it to a campground.  Oh well ,life’s full of challenges, I’m grateful that ours are small and not very significant when it comes to the big picture.

Happy Trails and love and kisses to my friends and family.

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