Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making Music with Friends in Santa Barbara

We couldn’t wait to get to Santa Barbara to see our friends.  Kathy and Sherman are the couple we bought Ruby from in 2012.  We were excited to show her off and all the things we added to her.  But we were even more excited to connect with them again.
They are such wonderful people. The kind of people you always feel good being around.  You walk away always wanting to be a better person-know what I mean?
They were so excited about our travels and that Ruby (formerly known as Homer) had the kind of home they hoped to give her.  Even though we had only met them once , when we bought Ruby from them, they welcomed us like old lifelong friends.  We spent our first night sitting down for a lovely dinner.

After dinner we walked across the street to the beach to enjoy another fabulous sunset and when we returned, Sherman brought out his Ukulele and Jim brought out his guitar and they made beautiful music to entertain Kathy and I.

Hailey was in doggie heaven-Grover their dog, generously shared his basket of toys with her.  She had toys all over the house and emptied the basket!
 The next morning we caught up on our travels with them and told them about our future plans-I’m hoping they will come and visit us in Florida sometime soon. Kathy showed us her art studio-she’s an incredible water color artist and I’m very jealous of her studio.  Sherman played some Bach on the piano for us after breakfast-he’s very talented.  And we could listen to him talk and share his stories forever. We took the doggies over to the dog beach and they were like little kids-Hailey is picking up surfing !

This was such a sweet break from traveling on the road.  It was hard to say goodbye-but we know we will return someday.

Kathy and Sherman and Grover, thank you for sharing your joy for life with us and your special little place in the world-much love and happiness to the two of you and Grover !

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