Monday, July 6, 2015

Whales n Sails on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

I'm taking a little step back in time to Grand Manan and our whale watching adventure.  Since the season had just started we didn't know what to expect.  So I thought why not combine sailing with whale watching, that way even if we didn't spot whales we would have a great sailing adventure on the Bay of Fundy.

I didn't come up with that idea on my own-I spotted an ad for Whales n Sails and thought how perfect.   And the day was just that-wonderful breezes, blue blue skies, sunshine and boatload of fun people. Our sailing yacht, the Elsie Menota was gorgeous and "yar".  And our Captain, Sara was the youngest woman in Canada to make Captain-21 years old !

Oh Captain my Captain

We tried to get the boys to throw us some live lobsters but sadly no luck !

The scenery as we left port was just stunning-this is the Swallow Tail Lighthouse-a favorite of mine.

And then we spotted our first Right Whale-talk about excitement !

If you go to Grand Manan I strongly recommend you take this sailing adventure. Allen, the owner and Engineer is so warm and welcoming and his daughter Sarah is the Captain-funny and obviously very good at her job.  Joining them on our trip was Laurie, the Marine biologist who kept us up to date on the whale footprints in the water and all types of seabirds.

Daydreaming on the water and watching for whales-the good life

If you read my blog about Grand Manan you know how much I fell in love with that little island.  And when I'm in the Pacific Northwest on a cold rainy day , I will remember this sailing time with much warmth in my heart.

If you go, say hello to Allen from us,remind him I was the lady with colorful purple shoes !

Happy Trails my sea going friends, safe travels and may you see many whales !

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