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Tangled Garden,Foxhill Cheeses,L'Acadie Vineyards and Grand Pre UNESCO Site, A Perfect Canada Day in Wolfville,NS

Happy Belated Canada Day to my friends and fellow Canadian travelers. And Happy 4th of July to my USA friends.  We weren't sure how we were going to spend Canada Day-we knew every place was going to be busy .  Our initial thought was to take advantage of a warm and gracious invitation to boon dock on a fellow Roadtrekkers property in the Annapolis Valley.  But when we discovered the charm and warmth and wine and cheese of Wolfville our minds were quickly changed.

We arrived late in the evening so we checked into the Evangeline Family Campground-your basic jam everyone in as close as you can campground !  It wasn't so bad and we could shower and we thought catch up on our email-alas wifi was malfunctioning at the campground -doesn't it always.  But we stayed because we wanted a very early start to visit some places in Wolfville which were just down the road from the campground in Grand Pre Nova Scotia.

Our first stop was the Tangled Garden-it is one of the most beautiful herb gardens I have seen.  If you know me well you know that the sea is my first love but my second closely behind it is the garden. When we lived in Seattle I had a garden that I grew from scratch to resemble Monet's Garden in Giverny.  I had heirloom roses,herbs,iris,and the list goes on.  So when I saw this place I fell in love with it.

Twenty five years ago the owner started out just planting a small herb garden for herself. And it grew and grew and people started coming by to visit.  Now you can tour the garden ($3 per person and well worth it), buy the incredibly delicious herbal liqueurs,vinegars,jams and jellies-Ruby is a little heavier after this stop.

The sweet gift shop is filled with lovely products, garden art and window displays that sparkle even in a foggy sun.

 What a clever way to dry chives 

 And I love this windchime 

 Too bad the purple wisteria that covers this walkway wasn't in bloom-everything else was .

 You will find local art work throughout the garden along with quiet little spaces to sit and meditate and enjoy your surroundings.

 I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but this iron acorn was about 3 feet long- I told Jim I wanted to find the artist and purchase one to take home-ahh where would it fit in Ruby-maybe someday I'll return and look for it.

 Isn't this clever, saw blades to form a fence around their composting area-very artistic recycling

 And this was one of my favorite recycling of a saw blade into a gate lock

 I'm very happy when I'm in a garden

Our next stop after the Tangled Garden was the UNESCO site at Grand Pre. It is a historic site which commemorates and honors the Acadians who were expelled (Le Grand Derangement) from their properties in the Minas Basin.  Well worth a stop for you.

 We walked into the middle of a Canada Day Celebration at the Visitor Center -free cake and lemonade !

  And this wood carving was my favorite thing about our visit to Grand Pre.  There was a 175 year old elm that stood at Horton's Landing next to the Deportation Cross.  Eagles would fill the tree, year after year.  Then a storm in 2010 caused the tree to fall.  Monette Leger, an Acadian Artist was so moved by the loss of this great natural and historic tree that she contacted the Grand Pre site and suggested carvings to honor the Acadians and the elm tree.  This piece above is her work -The Elm Tree Project.

 A watercolor of the Deportation Cross

The Memorial Church with the famous statue of Evangeline-the heroine of Longfellow's poem.

 For my friend, I was thinking of you.

 An incredible stain glass window in the church

 Welcome to Canada Day !

 As we headed into the town of Wolfville, we spotted a picnic in the city park so we joined the fun and celebration.

Wolfville is a lovely town with it's streets lined with cafes,shops, pubs and very friendly people.  We found a parking lot on a side street-free for 3hrs and plenty of room for Ruby with shade for Hailey.

From Wolfville we drove to close by Port Williams to visit Fox Hill Cheese House-I had read about their cheeses,yogurt and gelato and wasn't going to pass up a visit. And so glad I didn't. The raspberry gelato was delicious and Jim loved his chocolate mint. The cheeses-ahh what can I say-their specialties are havarti and gouda and of course their quark and yogurt.  I have been spoiled for any other yogurt now.  And I know when we visit Halifax, I'll be heading to the market to stock up on more yogurt and the rich fabulous chocolate milk.

As we pulled into the parking lot of Fox Hill another Sprinter pulled along side us-a Great Western Legend XL driven by Vic Fowler along with his wife Sue.  What cool people and from all places-Florida !  We had a lot to compare and talk about and they encouraged us to give Harvest Hosts a try-so after leaving here we enrolled-Vic &Sue you should get your extra month-we gave you as a referral !  So if any of my readers are thinking of joining use my name and both you and I will have an extra month added to your membership-Sandy Moran and Jim O'shersky-thank you.

 Another pretty village church spotted on our way to the vineyard

 Arriving at L'Acadie Vineyards-the only organic vineyard/winery in the valley and makers of the most bubbly delicious champagne.  Of course I convinced my sweetie to buy two bottles to celebrate my upcoming birthday .

 Before we headed to the Wolfville Farmers Market we stopped to cool off with 2 cold ales and some food.  Great stop and good place to people watch at.

Remember, always take the road less traveled, get off that interstate and look for the little towns-they hold so many surprises and so many warm and welcoming people.

Happy Trails and Safe Travels to all my gardening,wine drinking, cheese eating friends-Bon Appetit !

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