Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Journey from Gaspe to Miscou

Because I was so very excited over the beauty of Grand Manan Island, I skipped over several of my blogs that I had pending.  I will now play catch up !  I've already told you how much we loved and enjoyed the Gaspe Peninsula.  We were very sad when we realized we were approaching the end of this beautiful and captivating area. We stumbled on Camping Gaspe by accident, it sounded like a smaller private campground and we thought we would spend one night there-doing laundry,showers and catching up on email.  It is a smaller campground-something we love.  And Ralph the owner and his wife have made this a sweet little spot.  They are so friendly and accommodating and the campground is beautiful.  It is right off of the highway but in the evening the tourist traffic is very minimal and doesn't bother you at all especially if you are lucky enough to score a sight along Gaspe Bay-which we were. We actually  stayed here 4 days so that Jim could fish the York River for Atlantic Salmon.  Anne the owner of Quebec Sporting was so easy to work with in setting up the trip for Jim with license and fees and guides-made it very easy for him to just wait for the guide to pick him up !

Before we headed out we took a short tour of the lovely Ville de Gaspe.  The quaint little shops line the hillside-so sad that the boulangerie was closed-good for the diet though.

Goodbye Ville de Gaspe-hope to return someday

The highway turned back into gorgeous scenery as we left Gaspe.  Riding along the water on a sunny blue sky day,doesn't get much better.  We passed through one small pretty village after another and each one with their own beautiful village church.

This was a campground along the highway, I wish I would have taken note of the name, but no worries, you can find spots like this all along the Gaspe Peninsula.

Our route took us to the village of Perce and Perce Rock, one of the largest natural arches in the world.

This little driveway immediately reminded both of us at the same time of the roadways in Provence and brought back so many sweet memories.

The beautiful St. Michael Church sits overlooking the village.  You can hike a trail back to the grotto and falls.  The church was built in 1900 and the local sandstone was used.

The beauty in this church lies in its simplicity. You can't help but think of all of the history this church has seen over the years.

Perce Rock

We found this pretty little out of commission lighthouse during our travels. Dandelions are always so much prettier in someone elses yard.

Another little pull off from the highway,we took a little road down over the hill marked "cul d sac" and this is where it brought us,just stunning red cliffs and blue skies.

Our little porcupine friend who decided to cross right in front of Ruby-thank goodness we were going slowly because he was a very slow mover !

The JC Van Horne Bridge crossing the Restigouche River into Campbellton, New Brunswick-goodbye Quebec you are a lovely province ! Hello New Brunswick-looking forward to wonderful adventures.

A perfect boondocking site on the wharf at Pointe Verte-the security guard was very welcoming and even invited us to use the restrooms on the wharf.  We felt very safe and comfortable here. Just be ready for an early morning rise when the fisherman show up to depart for their daily catches.

We watched the nesting of the cormorants and seagulls on the breakwater just off the wharf.  It was better than any television program !

The captivating sunset from our back window of Ruby-I'll say it for the millionth time, life is good.

The sun setting on the boats at the harbor-quiet for now, just wait until morning.

Yvette my friend from Ottawa had turned us onto the Gaspe Peninsula and what drive to take and what to see-I'll shall forever be in her debt.  The ride was beyond stunning and the experiences and the people we met will not be forgotten.

When the sun rises our next destination will be somewhere along the water in New Brunswick-when we left Pointe Verte we weren't sure where our travels were going to take us.  But since I am behind in my postings I now know our next stop will be Miscou Island.

I wish everyone could travel, it opens your eyes and your heart to so many experiences.  And you grow as a person-you take in the friendship and the stories that everyone has to tell and they continually expand your universe and your soul.  I think if we all were able to travel close to the road it would have such a positive impact on humanity.  Once you meet someone and learn their history and the history of their families it becomes a part of you and I believe makes you a better more accepting person-easier with the world.

Happy Trails my friends and Safe Travels, and please take the time to listen to those stories-you never know how they will effect you. Peace.


  1. What beautiful country, and your pictures are breathtaking. Putting this trip on my bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you Karen, so far Gaspe Peninsula has been our favorite