Monday, January 6, 2014

The Adventure Begins

Mount Hood -the view from Portland, Oregon 

Wahoo !  We left Seattle under blue skies and plenty of sunshine.  By the time we crossed into Oregon the sun was blinding us-loved it. Saying good bye to family-hated it !  They will be in our hearts all the time .

Big Smooches to all of you !

We planned on boon docking somewhere along the Oregon Coast at one of the pull outs.  Silly us, we forgot how quickly it gets dark and Oregon signage jumps up on you without warning. So we passed several suitable sites before we landed just south of Beverly Beach, Oregon. It was about 6pm when we stopped and lucky us we had some delicious left over chili that my sister in law had made and we had the oh so incredible bread from Ken’s Artisan Bakery in Portland.

Let me digress here, if you are ever in the Portland area make Ken’s a priority stop.  He makes the most delicious bread in the entire Universe. So crusty, so chewy, we always buy the Country Blonde Boule-and the largest loaf available.  It keeps all week in the brown bag they put it in for you.  Once we left Ken’s we just ripped off pieces and ate it on the road-oh so good.  And for sopping up the chili-well I thought I died and went to heaven.  We also got some pastries for the morning-his Morning Rolls are so cinnamon with just a very slight hint of citrus and I swoon over his caneles.  That is one place I’m going to miss terribly !

The view from our first boon docking site just south of Beverly Beach

OK back to the trip.  We had an uneventful night and slept like babies-I swear the foam pad is the best investment we ever made. (Except Jim wanted me to tell you he had some type of lump under his side-probably one of things I’m taking to the Florida condo that I didn't smooth out enough !)  We woke up to overcast skies but fairly mild temperatures-in the low 50’s.

 Getting ready to hit the road

 Nice traveling weather-so we headed out with our destination being Beachside State Park just north of Yachats.  Beachside has always been our favorite park in Oregon, so imagine the horror when we pulled over and the entrance was blocked with a sign that said closed for the winter.  What?? They never close for the winter, or at least my senile brain didn't remember them closing for the winter.  What to do, what to do?  We just drove down the road about a mile and pulled into Tillicum-a Federal campground and it’s open all year-wahoo. Plus only 12 dollars per night with our park pass discount.  With the solar we chose a non-electric site, the electric run 6 dollars more-still pretty good.

Campsite #17 overlooking the ocean

So glad to find this spot-we really wanted to stop early today and not have to move around.  And after the start of my day I needed something agreeable to happen.  First I discovered what looks like a stye on the inside of my left eye.  And then when we stopped for some bread and fruit in Waldport I fell of the curb in the parking lot, slammed down on my knees, skidded with my hands; glasses flew across the parking lot and just barely missed slamming my face into the pavement.  Yes I was quite the site-knees are going to be  a beautiful shade of black and blue and the palms of my hands look like I was dragged behind Ruby !  Ahh , just another great adventure we can laugh about over wine.

 Love the views !
It’s starting to rain a little so we are snuggled in with our wine and some good reading material.  We plan on staying here just a couple of nights then head further south-probably to boon dock around Pistol River and Gold Beach Oregon. Happy Trails to all of you!


  1. Many happy miles to both of you Sandy and Jim. It was great and not so great seeing you leave Washington yesterday, but I know the road less traveled is the one you should be on. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures (and pics of your knees and hands!). All our love...
    Mel and Martha

    1. My bruises look pretty good today..the knees are a bit sore but dr jimbo says I'll live..xxoo