Sunday, January 19, 2014

Point Arena-Heavenly Boondocking

Our day was so much better, especially after finding Point Arena Lighthouse. After leaving the lighthouse we found a little pullout for boon docking.  There was a sign that said no rock climbing, no fishing but nothing about camping so we stopped.  What a spot to boon dock.  We could see the lighthouse to the north of us and miles of the coast to the south of us.

The first day we watched the waves crashing for hours. We watched the early rise of a stunning full moon.  And we witnessed a beautiful sunset sitting there with just the sound of the surf.

 Boon Docking Heaven !

The seal colony that was right below us  

 This coastline is just breathtaking

 Great advice

The next day we discovered a resident heron in the tree next to us and about 50 seals sleeping on the beach.  Free entertainment as we watched the seals play and the heron fish for his dinner.  We both felt so incredibly grateful to be where we were .

There was very little traffic this time of year back to the lighthouse so we pretty much had the place to ourselves most of the time.  We walked and hiked and drank some wine and  just enjoyed this wonderful life we have the privilege of sharing.

This was one of the quietest places we have camped in a long time-nothing but the sounds of nature; so peaceful and so good for the soul.  Every once in a while a runner or a car would go by- the lighthouse has vacation cabins for rent on the grounds so the only people who come back in the evening are the guests staying there.
If you find yourself on Highway 1 look for Point Arena and stop . You won’t be sorry-it’s an amazing little spot.  It was hard to leave this little spot-it will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

As we headed down the road we spotted this little church and stopped to take some pictures.  We now call this the church that saved our lives.  If we hadn't of stopped to take the pictures we would have been smack in the middle of a huge collision that occurred right around the corner from us, seconds after we stopped.  Our guardian angels have been doing a great job of taking care of us !
From here we are headed to Wright’s Beach at Bodega Bay.  I hope it’s everything I've imagined it to be.
Happy Trails to all of you !

PS. Wright's Beach was everything I imagined and more -stay tuned for the posting.