Monday, January 20, 2014

Wonderful Wright's Beach

Wright’s Beach has been on my bucket list since I stumbled across it on someone’s blog quite some time ago.  I’m so glad I ran across it and thanks to the unknown traveler who turned me onto it.  Jim has pretty much trusted me to figure out the route on this trip.  (With the exception of the mountain ascent on Highway 1-he’s been pretty happy with my choices !)  So when I told him we were camping on the beach he figured it would be close to the beach.  Neither of us thought we would be directly on the beach.  All the pictures I could find don’t do this place justice.

Campsite #9

We were in site #9 and it was perfect for us and Ruby’s solar panels.  The campground sits below a bluff so as the sun rises it takes a bit to open up onto the campground.  The lowness of the trees in site 9 and the fact that it’s on a little corner gave us the advantage of the sun reaching Ruby’s solar panels early in the morning and lasting all day long.  The beach sites all are beautiful-if we ever make it make we are going to try for #5-you can position yourself right out in the open parallel to the ocean-nothing but sunshine and the ocean all day long.  Sites #3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 would be ideal for anyone.

It’s a small campground and priced high, like most California State Parks.  The Disabled Discount pass got us 50% off the $45 fee-fabulous !   There is water close to each site,no hookups, no showers but very clean bathrooms.  And there are lots of trails up and down the bluffs along the ocean-perfect for exploring-but unfortunately-no dogs are allowed on the trails.  Dogs are allowed in the campground and are to be leashed, but once every one gets about 10 feet away from their site towards the ocean the most doggies are running free and loving it.

 Hailey gives this beach 5 paws !

Wright’s Beach is one of the most dangerous beaches in California according to all the warnings posted around the campground.  There is a very strong riptide, constant sneaker waves and trough that runs parallel to the beach-that I think if you got sucked into it you would never get out !  But it’s a gorgeous wide open beach with huge rocks scattered out in the ocean-and the waves make a thunderous crash when they hit the rocks.  You can hear the waves crashing all night long-it’s so relaxing.

It’s nice to stay in a campground every once in a while-we met a great couple who are back from China because of a snafu with their visas.  Both they and their 6 children have been in China for a couple of years working in the North Korean economic development zone.  We had a long discussion of the challenges they have run into and how they seem to be winning over the people they are working with. They were such nice peaceful people-I wish them  well with all their challenges.

Nate and Jim-Nate thanks for the surfboard !
Also met one of the State Park Lifeguards-girls , settle down, he has a girlfriend ! He was drop dead gorgeous-blue sparkly eyes,tan,muscular-you get the picture-Jim is still teasing me about my crush !

We are staying here for 4 days, doing a lot of beach walking,reading and sitting in the sun-it feels so good on the face. I feel like I’m making up for all the Vitamin D I missed from the lack of sun in Seattle !
Not sure of our plans between January 18th and January 21st (when we check into Kirk Creek at Big Sur).  We talked about going into San Francisco-we've both been there –and aren't really psyched about joining the general population again !  We may just head down to Point Reyes then onto Half Moon Bay and bypass the city altogether. Hopefully the internet reception will get a little better or you won’t hear from me until we leave Big Sur.  Happy Trails to you and your loved ones !

Enjoy the sunsets,moon rises,sunrises and moon settings that we enjoyed while at Wright's Beach



  1. What a spectacular spot! Hope you enjoyed Big Sur.

    1. We love Big Sur..and we miss it already ! Southern California just isn't the same !