Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Not So Ho Hum

I find it hard to believe that someone would even think about calling this place ho-hum. Especially the water front sites.  Maybe when they first named the park the weren't thinking about the incredible views from the waterfront sites, because if they did it would be called the Wowzer RV Resort !

We only needed a place to stop for one night that would position us half way to Blue Springs State Park .  And since it was four o'clock in the afternoon and we were finished driving we picked this place.  Plus we heard so many good things about it.  It's all about the location.  If you stay here don't expect elaborate restrooms-they are clean, a little old , but clean.  It's the view -and please if you stay here book a waterfront site-or you'll be sorry you didn't.

While Jim took Hailey for a walk, I walked out on the boardwalk to get some photos of the sunset.  I was not disappointed.  Love those days of big puffy clouds with setting sun peaking through them.  And you know with those kinds of clouds you are going to get some great pinks and purples when that sun goes down.

Jim joined me with two wine glasses to toast the sunset.  What we ended up doing was gulping down our wine as we watched this incredible storm front move in.  

We probably stayed a little too long on the boardwalk and I ended up thinking,hmm, wonder what I would look like with singed hair from lightening. As the skies got darker, the sun was setting and casting this very eerie dark pink over everything that wasn't already turning dark grey and dark blue.

When I saw these colors (not enhanced by me) I knew it was time to take cover.  We headed for the safety of Ruby. No sooner were we inside then the rains came.  The storm didn't last long, maybe 45 minutes or so.  But we never ventured back outside-too warm and cozy inside.  Once the skies cleared we watched the moon rise through our back window.  Everyday is something new on the road.  That's why we love this life.
Happy Trails, safe travels and stay out of the storms my friends.

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