Tuesday, February 10, 2015

From Destin to Gautier-it's Mardi Gras Time

We had such a great time with our friends Les and Kathy Shanteau. from Super Bowl celebrations to shopping to gallery visits. In only 4 days we did so much.  But the best part was cementing a  new friendship. We met Kathy and Les through our group Facebook page: Roadtreking The Group.  A few weeks ago they were passing through Cape San Blas , stopped into see us and the beginning of a beautiful friendship was formed.

Kathy,Justin and moi

They were  such wonderful hosts to us while we were in Destin and I know we will keep in touch. Kathy and I are both artists so the visit to Justin Gaffrey's Gallery was the absolute highlight of our  visit.  If you are anywhere near Grayton beach take a detour to his gallery. His work is breathtaking,the photos don't even come close to doing his work justice.  He was inspired by my favorite artist Vincent Van Gogh.  And did I mention before Justin became a painter he was a chef, it's no wonder I like him and his work so much.

Another home run in restaurants from Kathy and Les's recommendation-we had dinner at The Boat House and I have now become addicted to Amberjack fish.  It runs a close second to my all time favorite-Halibut.  This is another place for you to stop when in Destin.

Sunset on Henderson Beach, Destin

Les and Kathy suggested we take the scenic route to Gautier,MS and we did.  The drive took us along Navarre Beach-one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida.

From Navarre Beach we headed towards Gautier,MS.  We were enroute to meet up with a large group of friends to celebrate Mardi Gras in Gautier.

All checked in at Shephard State Park and ready to party

Well, almost ready to party, I still had those cupcakes to make since I volunteered to bring cupcakes and deviled eggs to the celebration.  So Jim joined the revelers for a dinner out and I stayed behind and made carmelized banana pastry cream. Hmm,sound interesting ?  Stay tuned, I'll be publishing the recipe for my Banana Foster Cupcakes soon. In the meantime. Happy Trails and safe travels to all my friends, old and new.

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