Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Loving Long Key State Park

We found our haven from the crowds and traffic at Long Key State Park.  Everyone told us we should try for Bahia Honda, but there were no sites to be found , except for a few 1 night openings here and there.  When we first arrived at Long Key we were booked into Site 20.  And because of our late booking we were ending up with 3 days at Curry Hammock down the road a bit and then a return to Long Key with 6 campsite changes in 2 weeks-yikes !  I had been keeping an eye on the sites and quickly discovered site 42 opened up for a week.  The kind ranger at Long Key  helped us switch and rebook; thus eliminating the drive to Curry Hammock and cutting our campsite musical chairs from 6 site changes to 3..wahoo!  There really isn't a bad site here-each one is along the ocean-some have more shade than others but you really just can't beat the view. We definitely love this campground.

  Super moon rising

A lot of campers bring small boats and kayaks that they launch from their campsites-you can pretty much walk out about 500 yards and the water only gets waist deep and that's during high tide !  Next time we visit we will definitely bring the kayaks.  The campground has very nice and very clean showers; hookups and a dump site.  There is also an ice machine (not always working) and a pretty nice nature boardwalk.  If you stay here try to book the odd numbered sites-if you are in an even numbered site you have quite a distance to the hook ups.  Our electric wasn't a problem as we have a 35ft cord; but the water hookup required 2 hoses. In the odd numbered sites the hookups are closer and right on the edge of your driveway.

Our move to site #42 where we will be for 7 days.

 This is where we sit for morning coffee and a cold beer or two in the afternoon!
The skeeters chase us inside at night (even with a ton of  Deet spray)

 So far we are on day 3 and nothing but clear skies-there was a threat of a storm coming up from Key West but that quickly blew north

Our campsite visitor during low tide 

 The campground is on the East side of the Overseas Highway but the restrooms are elevated and you can stand on the deck and see some great sunsets to the West .

 The second night of the super moon was just a gorgeous as the first; and this night it was a beautiful golden yellow as it rose in the sky.

We discovered a place in Marathon Key that will rent you a kayak for a week for only $89 and they will deliver it and pick it up at the campground.  That is a lot less expensive than the $17 fee for 2 hours that the campground charges !  I think Jim is going to rent one and try fishing further out than he can wade.  I'm not allowed in the water until October so I shall sit obediently on the shore line dipping my toes in the water :(

We are approaching the 3 month mark since we left the condo in May and time really has gone by so fast.  We have learned that we will avoid summer camping in Florida in the future-all I can say is thank goodness for air conditioning.  It wouldn't be so bad if I could swim and cool off in the water but I can't .  I'm looking forward to mojitos on our deck back home in September !

We have also learned that heat + traffic + confined spaces= argument !  We are both learning and practicing more patience with each other.  I think my frustration level is much higher than Jim's because of the medical things I'm dealing with.  So I'm working very hard at trying to stay in the present moment; daily readings of "Peace is Every Step", by Thich Nhat Hanh help me  and if all else fails a cold beer  helps cool things off too !  It's hard to believe that we have been on the road since January 5th (with the little 6 week remodel/medical break in between).  We both feel so blessed to be able to live the life we have and to be able to enjoy it together.

Happy Trails to all you moon gazers..safe travels.


  1. My husband, Mike, & I have the State Parks along the Keys as places we would like to stay. We have enjoyed your adventures exploring the Keys and will add some of your recommendations and suggestions to our growing list in our bucket.

    We were lucky enough to secure a week at Bahia Honda State Park this coming winter. We had to reserve it 11 months in advance to get a site during that time. One second after 8 am and all the sites were booked for that day and I would try again the next day. It was over a week of trying before we got one.

    After Bahia Honda, it’s a toss-up between John Pennekamp and Long Key as to which one we would like to visit next. The Long Key sites looked like they had beautiful views out the back and you confirmed that. Thanks for the information about the odd and even numbered sites. With our Roadtrek and the limited space, we carry the minimum that we need. That will be useful when we look to book at Long Key. I would like the name of the kayak rental in Marathon. Kayaking is one of our favorite activities.

    I know Hailey is having a great time—surrounded by all that water!

    Yes, traveling in Florida is hot. The best time to travel is fall through spring with fall being one of the best times. The snowbirds haven’t made it down yet and you usually get a break in the heat from October to Christmas and most of the popular places aren’t as crowded.


  2. Hi Theresa, Someday I will attempt to reserve Bahia Honda ! We stayed at Pennekamp years ago and got eaten alive by mosquitos..that's why we picked Long Key-still has skeeters but not as bad and when there was a breeze the skeeters hit the road. By the way on your way their if you like pizza make sure you stop at Tower Pizza in Key Largo-excellent ! You will not be disappointed. And the kayak place is Pier 68, here is their link :http://www.flkeys-boatrentals.com/fl-keys-boat-rental-rates.html. Have fun !