Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cape San Blas to Cedar Key -The Road to Recovery

Do you think I have been gallivanting all over the country living the Roadtrek life ?  Not this time. I have been out of touch for over two weeks now and I'm sorry I haven't kept you up to date.  Most of you know I had to have my pacemaker surgery re-done (Originally done April16th/redone due to a problem with the leads on July 22).  I haven't been wallowing in self pity or stuck on the why me treadmill-well maybe just for a little bit !

We had booked St Andrew's State Park as the place to stay while I went in for my 90 day check up .  Little did we know that we would extend our stay from 2 days to 7 so that I could make all my test and doctor appointments.  Our little reservation angel must have been looking out for us as there was only 1 spot available for the extra 5 days !

 Space 90 at St Andrews, Panama City Beach

 During the day we would watch the boats sailing by 

This little guy stuck around the entire time we were at the campsite-kind of watching over us

I mean seriously if your Doctor's office told you they perform 300 of these a month and if the patients are lucky (or unlucky) maybe only 1 per month has to have it redone. Seriously think of those odds and I just happened to be the one.  Of course being THE ONE,meant having a chest xray to see where those pesky leads disappeared to and lo and behold they discovered a few unwelcome nodules on my lung while looking for the leads. So again, a problem turns out to be something that discovered a problem that could have been life threatening if not discovered early on.  OK , I'm beginning to see a pattern emerge here-thank goodness I can let go of the whining and the why me syndrome.  I can say with my whole heart and soul that I am blessed, I'm here enjoying the life we have and I'm one lucky girl to have the life I have.

Hailey was just as happy to be home as me !

We spent a few days at the condo and it felt so good-Jim was right in wanting a place to call home-it was nice to have a comfy bed to come home to and curl up in.  Not that the bed in Ruby doesn't fit the bill, but this time I felt even more vulnerable so cozying up in our place just felt right.

I knew when we started traveling that flexibility should be tattooed on our foreheads-that is an understatement.  I can't tell you how many plans we have changed and detours we have taken along the way in the last 2 months.

 Sunset Isle Club House

 I think the best sites are 1-6 and #8

 Space #4

We had no plans for July 25 and 26th so I booked Sunset Isle RV Park in Cedar Key-another really nice privately run rv park.  Our favorite is Low Key Hideaway right next door but they were booked.  Sunset Isle is on the water and sites 1 thru 6 and site # 8 are the best .  We were in site #4. They have showers, a community room and a great little cafe along with full hook ups and the price per night is under $50 .

Dinner our first night at Sunset Isle was a grilled dinner-grilled pork chops topped with grilled peaches topped with a pineapple habanero sauce with a side of grilled asparagus with Parmesan cheese-yummy.

 And it's walking distance to the Tiki Bar at the Low Key Hideaway-we took advantage of that and spent Tuesday night catching up with Cindy and Pat-the Hideaway owners.  It's always so nice to sit around with good people and laugh and compare stories-kind of recharges your batteries !  We were supposed to leave on the 27th and head north about 30 miles to Manatee Springs State Park but instead we cancelled that and stayed at Sunset Isle until the 31st.

 Space 133 Fort DeSoto County Park-nice and shady, thank goodness because it's in the 90's

 I think we are back on solid ground now (even though I just changed campground reservations last night-ha).  We are in St. Pete at Fort DeSoto County Park-outstanding park-can't say enough good things about it.  I wish I could ride my bike (but can't for a month) because the beach is about a mile from the campground.  They have a great bike path that will get you there and I've thought of walking it-but just recovering from the surgery and the temperature in the high 90's I have opted for shady walks around the campground !

The resident camp kitty 

On Sunday we will take off for the Keys-first stop Key Largo. We don't normally  stay at private rv parks but sometimes we do and I'm hoping this one turns out to be a good one-Riptide RV Resort.  We have to put ourselves in Key Largo so my sweet fisherman can get his line strung for fishing in the keys-whatever that means. It will make him happy and that's all that counts.  They have a pool at the rv park so while I can't swim for a month yet I can at least dip my toes in and I certainly will be doing that.

My breakfast experiment-a grilled tortilla smeared with salsa,topped with fresh sliced avocado, then 2 eggs sunny side up on top of that,salt and pepper a little sprinkling of cheese and fresh cilantro and a dollop of salsa .  This was so good for breakfast-it went to the top of Jim's breakfast favorites!

One of my dinner experiments-Seared scallops topped with a Thai Sweet Chile Sauce with a side of Quinoa,Brown Rice,Garlic,and fresh Pineapple seasoned with Chinese 5 spices, red pepper flakes,fish sauce, fresh cilantro  and a little pineapple habanero sauce-this was so delicious and healthy too !

And guess what ? Remember Rita's ?  There is one in St. Pete and you better believe we will be stopping before we head south-visions of gelato dancing in my head !

Thank you all for the messages,emails and phone calls-you will never know how much they meant to me and how much they helped me get through this latest episode. Love and kisses to all of you and you know who you are !   Safe travels and Happy Trails...

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