Friday, June 19, 2015

Cap Chat,Quebec-One of the Most Beautiful Spots on the Gaspe Peninsula

Sunset, our last night at Cap Chat

We had no idea where we were heading to when we left Rimouski and the boon docking spot along the St. Lawrence. I was using our Garmin to see what campgrounds were up ahead and came across Camping au bord de la mer in Cap Chat. When we pulled into the parking lot we were surprised that it was a large grassy field, but we knew there was electric and water, both of which we needed. 

The most pleasant surprise about this campground was the owner-Joel. I should say the new owner-we were his first customers !  Joel was born on the Gaspe Peninsula and left when he was 3 years old with his family. Eventually he and his wife ended up living in Hawaii where he was the owner of the island's first Cross Fit gym.  They both knew they wanted a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle so they decided to return to the Gaspe when they found this campground for sale.

His family will be joining him to help manage it during the season (4 months from June -September).  If you are ever in the area-stay here-they are such good sweet people. You will not regret it.

Our first day was sunny and very windy-not unusual for this spot.  And the Gulf of St. Lawrence just took my breath away.  I keep pinching myself at how fortunate we are for the life we get to live.

The campground filled up a little bit closer to the weekend, but the peak busy season will begin in July and we wish Joel and his family much luck and success. For most of the time the campground was deserted. 

You can see the outline of the cat-yes ?  For the name Cap Chat-look closely-the cat is lying down.

Our last night here we thought it was going to storm-we had lots of thunder which sent Hailey running under the bed inside Ruby.  But it didn't last long-we could watch the rain clouds move across the sky under the huge dark blue clouds-it just made the sunset even more beautiful.

 There is something so very special about the Gaspe Peninsula.  I had no idea I would fall so in love with this area. Jim thinks it's because it reminds me so much of France and he's probably right.  But it's more than that-it feels like a sacred place.  When you are driving along the water and see the majesty of the mountains coming right down to the sea-well it's just breathtaking. And all the little villages with their unique and beautiful churches.  Surprises await around each bend.


We met Sam here at the campground-he was from Saskatchewan and he said Cap Chat reminded him of Ireland with the green rolling hills and the rocky shoreline. It's a magical every changing place-I almost felt like I was in church while taking the photos and enjoying the beautiful show the Universe was putting on for all of us.


As we wandered the beach we stumbled upon this cross posted on a small grassy hill overlooking the shoreline. We had no idea why it was there or who the person was whose name appeared on the cross. I did think,what a peaceful sweet place to be-the hills behind you and the shoreline in front of you. It's the kind of place I would like to have my ashes sprinkled-I would always be at the shoreline then-a nice reassuring thought.

When we returned to Ruby I researched Donald Delaney and discovered he was the former councilman and mayor of the village of   Cap-aux-Meules. His boat with 2 other passengers sunk off of Cap Chat in 2010. The two passengers were rescued but sadly Mr. Delaney perished in the St. Lawrence. The article that I read about him said many wonderful things about him and that he was beloved by his people. You could feel the good spirits in this area-very peaceful.

It was difficult to say goodbye to Cap Chat and her beauty and good vibes.  Who knows what awaits us around the next bend.

Safe travels and Happy Trails my friends.

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