Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sleeping Bear Dunes Michigan

We have entered a world we never knew existed.  We have heard all about Michigan and it's beauty, but never in our wildest imagination did we expect to find the beauty and surprises we found on our journey through this state.

Jim thought we were back in Florida when he saw the blue green crystal clear waters of Lake Michigan.  And with the temperature reaching 80, I though we were too !  Every little turn we took brought more ohhs and ahhs.

Our first exploration away from the Platt River Campground, was the Pierce Stocking Scenic drive-scenic doesn't begin to explain it.  We got out and explored every stop along the way-but the most gorgeous were the dunes overlooks.

A couple who were getting married for the 2nd time took this picture of us. We laughed at how much we had in common since Jim and I have been married to each other twice. They got married the first time in Adelaide,Australia and were getting married here in Michigan so their US family and friends could celebrate.  Jim and I got married in the US,divorced and remarried on a beach in Tasmania. We wished them well and good luck and continued our hike.

This was the little historic town of Glen Haven, everything was still closed since we are in the off season but it was so stark in it's beauty and we had a gorgeous day to visit.

And we couldn't miss stopping at the Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor-and we stocked up on jam; dried cherries; cherry salsa and dark chocolate dipped cherries-we are in the cherry capital after all !

We had been told by some fellow Roadtrekkers that Arts was the place for a good burger and Arts didn't disappoint-very cool tavern with tons of local atmosphere and very good burgers and brews on tap.

Everything is in bloom and it's so nice.  The forest smells fresh and earthy and the leaves are the color of lime with the sun shining through them. Laura, another fellow Roadtreker told us we were in a magical place and she did not exaggerate. We planned on about a week or two in Michigan and that has turned into six ! And with plans to come back in the future during the Fall, I can only imagine the beauty of the trees then.  You all know I'm a beach girl at heart but the forest has such a calming effect and always makes me feel like Merlin could be hiding behind a tree. And listening to the wind and the birds-just soul soothing. If you haven't, get yourself to Michigan, it is truly amazing.


  1. One of my most memorial trips was with my 9 year old son and we camped up the west side of Michigan in state parks and then on up to Sleeping Bear Dunes. From there we went across the state and ended up at St. Ignace in the upper peninsula with a visit to Mackinac Island. it is just as you described. Everyone in the midwest, generally, is happy and friendly. Worth the visit. The drive rivals that of Hwy. 1 down the coast of CA.