Sunday, April 12, 2015

Maumee Bay State Park, Ohio

We kind of stumbled on this park by accident.  We wanted to stay close to Lake Erie but were'nt familiar with the area so we took a chance on this park-not knowing what to expect.  The online description showed a lodge,marina,golf course,campground,and nature reserve.  We thought we would be checking into a concrete campground-but oh what a surprise.  We have encountered so many birds and and deer-this place is amazing.  Just walking listening to the frogs in the marsh areas and the birds all over-it's stunning.  We were only going to stay a day or two-now we are staying a week. Love this place-great hiking trails and nice level paved bike paths.  You can head for the woods or the beach of Lake Erie.  I don't think I would come here in the summer when we've heard it's quite crowded-but this time of year is perfect !  Going for our second hike today-enjoy my wanderings from last night and this morning.


  1. I am so envious.....I rarely get a bird picture that is acceptable. Lots of tail feather shots in the corner of the frame. Your pics are great!!! I look forward to more of your adventures.

  2. What brand of camp chair is Jim sitting on? I'm looking for a good camp chair and the one i the picture looks comfortable.