Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Symmes Chapel a Beautiful Moment in Time

Symmes Chapel or "Pretty Place" was a spot I knew I wanted to visit while we were in South Carolina.  I discovered Symmes Chapel on Pinterest and couldn't wait to see the sunrise from the chapel.  While we were at Table Rock State Park I kept checking the weather to ensure we would be there on a clear day. Since it had been raining so much during our camping I was worried it would be wet and foggy when we made the trip up the mountain.  Well the weather Gods were with us because the day we decided to go, the skies cleared up and the rain stopped.  The Chapel was about 25 miles from the campground but because the road is a very winding steep climb it took us about 50 minutes to arrive.  We left the campsite at 6am , and with the sunrising at 7:43 we had plenty of time.

I was actualy surprised that there were so many people here, I figured with how the weather had been running it would be pretty much deserted.  This is a very spiritual place-how could it not be, with the view and the constant reminder of how small we are compared to the Universe.

The Chapel belongs to the YMCA and it's rented out during the peak season for weddings-so if you go call ahead and make sure it's not closed for a wedding.  Fortunately we were pre busy season visitors.  The Chapel was built by Fred W. Symmes in 1941 and donated to the boys and girls of the YMCA for their use while at the camp. All throughout the open air chapel are memory plaques that have been placed there for loved ones lost throughout the years.

It was incredibly awesome and inspirational to watch the sunrise from here.  Some day we plan on returning and spending more time in the area.  We met Bob and Tracey who live down the mountain and they make the journey to the Chapel frequently and hearing them describe full moon rises and the hills in the Fall sealed the deal for our return .

Jim, Tracey and Bob

One of my favorite plaques and so appropriate for the location

I hope you enjoyed my photos, I tried to stay out of everyone's way while taking them and sometimes I would just stop and enjoy what was happening and watch the sunrise and feel the spirituality of the moment.  This is another one for your bucket list.

Happy Trails and Safe Travels my Friends.

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  1. You definitely captured the spirit off the space. I'm adding this to my bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing.