Saturday, November 8, 2014

Friday Favorites

I would much rather be on the road right now instead of browsing the Internet !  But since I'm browsing I thought I would look for some little things to make our time in Ruby a little sweeter ♥

Everyone likes to personalize their own space and I'm no different.  When we first dressed Ruby up it was with a beachy, aqua colored theme.  But my cute little flip flop design quilt needed washing way too often-and that got old very quickly.  So now we are going for a grey and red color scheme. Once I finish with my little personal touches I'll share the finished product with you.  Until then, these are a few of my favorite things that I have discovered while looking for ideas for  Ruby !  Enjoy.

Love these hooks from West Elm-sweet outdoor theme 

Gorgeous glaze on these rice bowls from Blue Sky Pottery Company. I confess, I bought a set and love them,eating stir fry has never been more luxurious !

This would look great hanging somewhere in Ruby ! Beautiful work by maechevrette ,find it at her Etsy shop

How sweet this would be for your picnic table ? They have matching napkins too at Anthropologie

And I'm lusting after this blanket for those cold winter camping nights !  From one of my favorite catalogs: Sundance

Or this one from West Elm:

And last but not least,these beautiful earrings made by my friend Monica from Just 5 More Minutes. She's so talented and has now opened her Etsy Shop

To my fellow campers and Trekkers, what are you doing to personalize your little space ?  Share your ideas.  And to those of you out on the road...Happy Trails and Safe Travels.

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