Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ocean Gal and Forest Guy

One thing I'm learning about us as a couple (yes we have been together forever but you always should be learning !) is that I am more at home at the ocean and Jim is more at home in the woods.

When we are in the forest I find myself spending more time around the campground or inside Ruby working either on my blog or on my jewelery.  And when we are at the ocean I'm outside roaming the beach,riding my bike soaking up the sun.

Jim on the other hand is very at home in the forest-he goes off hiking and exploring with Hailey following behind him.  Hailey has no allegiance either way-as long as there is a stick or her wubby to throw she's at home.  Although I think she loves the water more than the forest floor.

It's not that I dislike the forest-I love the smell of pine trees and especially after a light rain-the green earthy smells that permeate the air. But give me the wide open skies at the beach.  Stand on the beach at night at look up at the skies and you feel so tiny in this huge universe-but I find comfort in those skies-they are always there-the stars in their same spots-the moon rising the same way.  And the tide in and and out; sometimes crashing on the shoreline,sometimes gently lapping.

Yes I'm definitely and ocean kind of gal and I love that about me.

Our site at Cloudland Canyon

We are leaving Cloudland Canyon State Park tomorrow morning-heading towards what I love-the ocean and beach; leaving behind what Jim loves-the forest and the streams.  He does that because he loves me and loves that I love the ocean-I return to the forest because I love him and know that hiking and fishing are part of who he is and are what makes him the man that he is and who I love.

Scenes along the way to Cloudland Canyon State Park

 Yes we definitely stopped for homemade apple butter !

 We're off to explore what's around the next bend-we will probably end up somewhere near Dothan, AL for one night and then heading into Panama City after that.  Happy Trails my friends, whether they be on the beach,in the forests,on the mountains,in the desert or in they city-wishing you many wonderful adventures.


  1. You guys make me jealous! Retirement in 7 years the maybe we can share a camp fire on the road :-)

  2. Bryan that would be wonderful-the time will go by so fast you won't believe it !