Friday, April 25, 2014

Cape San Blas-There's No Place Like Home

This has been the most wonderful place to be for my recovery.  It's so very tempting to write all the tenants and say I like it too much here and we're not leaving-sorry.  You know we wouldn't do that , but honestly it is so very tempting.

There is something so peaceful about getting up in the morning at 530 am and hearing the first birds chirping; seeing the sun rising over the bay and hearing the Gulf waves slapping the shoreline.  And in a town this small there is no morning rush to distract you.  I like to make a cup of espresso and sit out on the deck and watch time go by.

The sunrises here are a beautiful as the sunsets.  Morning is our favorite time ( Hailey and I ).  The light is just beautiful and there is no one on the beach but us.  Since I'm a little slower in my steps these days Hailey waits patiently until I catch up.  All of my fabulous neighbors took care of her while I was in the hospital and they all have fallen madly in love with her-it's easy to do.

The sunsets always surprise me-just when you think you know how the sky is going to turn pink and blue it will change in an instant to purples and yellows-those kind of surprises we love.

It's so nice to end the day with a view like this-I have black and blue marks from pinching myself.  And in spite of my recent hospital adventures I can still say with a full heart that it really doesn't get any better than this.  So until we hit the road again, I'll be boring you with the progress on the condo and the beauty of this place we now call home.
Happy Trails, peace and love to all of you.

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