Friday, March 7, 2014

Mardis Gras New Orleans 2014-Wet, Wild and Wonderful

After spending so much time trying to find remote campsites where we could find peace and quiet to just enjoy nature in, we were both apprehensive about heading to New Orleans for the party of all parties- Mardi Gras 2014.  Everyone warned us it would be crazy, including born and raised folks from Louisiana !   But we were determined.  We figured we had to experience it at least once in our lifetimes !

2 Cuties in their Mardi Gras attire

The Pirate and His Lady

Lundi Gras Celebration the Day before-and the beads were flying !

 Jim wondering why he had to stand in the take out line for 30 minutes--of course for the best beignets in town !

 We wandered through the French Market,stopping to eat and listen to the music

 OMG, Okra Seafood Gumbo

The Kerry Irish Pub off of Decatur Street-great music, great drinks !

The best Irish Coffee ever-Jameson,Baileys, a splash of coffee and lots of whipped cream !

I want what she's having ! 

 These two were crazy, he wouldn't stand still for me !

Onto our 2nd Irish pub for the evening

Because of the weather on Mardi Gras, we actually had more fun at Lundi Gras-didn't have to bundle up in plastic ponchos !  Everyone asked us about naked people,drunks,crime,etc.; honestly we felt perfectly safe.  We stuck to main streets, kept our belongings close (what little we took with us), and we didn't visit Bourbon Street after 10pm which is probably the best advice.  By that time all the 20 something folks are pretty plastered and obnoxious-those are the people who came to get drunk !

We stayed at Pontchartrain Landing RV park and they had 4 shuttles into town (8minute 6$ round trip ride).  It was very convenient, but honestly I wouldn't stay there again-it's not exactly how it appears in the pretty web site !  Rest rooms appeared to be the same portable ones I experienced when I was in New Orleans after Katrina with Habitat for Humanity.  No wifi-or not enough band windth-we could never access it-they did give us a credit on our bill when we complained.  And the bar has music that blasts into the campground-so if you want to go to bed early you can forget it or take your earplugs .  Safe and convenient but in the industrial area so you really don't want to go out and walk at night . Next time I want a balcony at one of the hotels-LOL

Ahh Mardi Gras and the beginning of a fun day in the rain 

Until 2015 Laissez les bons temps rouler

Just a little taste of music from New Orleans Lundi Gras Celebration (the video takes a moment to start ):

Happy Trails Y'all.............

P.S.  You must visit Elizabeth's when you are in New Orleans-we had the best breakfast ever.  Don't be put off by appearances-remember you can't judge a book by it's cover ! Like they say "REAL FOOD,DONE REAL GOOD"

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