Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Fishing Highway 24, BC

Little Fort Fly Shop-Thanks Steve for the Fawn Lake recommendation
After spending the night at North Thompson River Provincial Park we were ready to settle in to a  more permanent campsite.  We weren't sure which way to head ,but we knew if we drove into Well's Gray Provincial Park (our original destination), we would have to drive 90 minutes until we got to Clearwater Lake.  Jim wasn't crazy about doing that drive until he talked to the locals about how the fishing was at Clearwater.  So off we went in search of the local fly shop.  We had come through Little Fort the night before and missed the Little Fort Fly Shop. So we backtracked a bit and Jim got to find out what fly patterns to use and where the good fishing lakes were.  Being the sweetheart that he is, Jim asked about campsites with electric and water hookup so that I could take a hot shower ! Steve ,at the fly shop, recommended Fawn Lake Resort-he said I would love it,and he was right; and he said Jim could do some pretty good fishing there and he was right about that too.
We were looking for a place to stop for breakfast but everything was closed up so it was granola and yogurt with hot coffee that we had brewed before we left camp in the morning. We took Highway 24 out of Little Fork-it's surrounded by lakes (8,800 in the Cariboo region which surrounds the highway; take a look at the Google Earth Map ) and it's the ultimate fly fisherman's destination-thus the name THE FISHING HIGHWAY.  It should also be called the breathtaking view highway because every curve in the road presented scenes more beautiful than the last.  The climb out of Little Fort was pretty steep but once you got to the top the road leveled out.  It really is a beautiful highway,lovely curves and lots of turn outs for those photo ops.  We met a couple from Switzerland who didn't speak much English and we spoke no Swiss but we did discover that they had fallen in love with the area and wanted to move there someday !  I tried my best to tell them through sign language and my poor high school French about the black bear we had just seen very close to this rest stop.

Rest stop above Lac des Roches

One gorgeous view after another along the Fishing Highway 24

Eagle Island

This black bear jumped out in front of the truck in front of us.  The truck stopped until the bear crossed the road. We pulled over to the side of the road and took these pictures about 30 feet away from the bear. Love this highway !

 We definitely plan on coming back to explore this region and check out the other 8,799 lakes ! 

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  1. The one thing in all our travels that I have not seen is a bear in the wild, even when we went though Yellowstone in '94. We are looking forward to the experience when we get out traveling again! Travel safe!

    1. I absolutely loved this area and we plan to get back here next year, I'm so glad I had my camera handy when our little black bear appeared